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Taurus has developed many procedural systems to protect the dogs in our care. Please read the policies below.

Dogs are by nature unpredictable and present a certain level of risk. Every dog reacts differently in different situations, and there are inherent risks involved in owning, training, and handling dogs. There are also risks in dogs participating in daycare, boarding or training, including but not limited to: injuries to people, animals and property, and the transmission of disease.

Behavior Policies: Taurus employees are carefully trained to identify and prevent consequences that may result from dogs participating in playgroups and staying in our high-energy environments; however, some may still result that are important for owners to understand:

  • We require that all dogs attend an “evaluation day” of daycare before signing up for daycare or making a boarding reservation. It is very important to Taurus that all dogs in our care are happy and relaxed in our stimulating environment, and that they have the expectation of Mom or Dad coming for them to reduce anxiety. Should a dog not be a good fit with our facilities, we will recommend alternatives. Your dog’s comfort and happiness are our first priority.
  • Dogs may experience sore muscles, joints, and fatigue if they are not used to the high level of physical activity at Taurus.
  • Dogs who are not well-socialized may be at greater risk of not knowing how to politely interact with other dogs and are at higher risk of altercations with other dogs.
  • Dogs have access to water at all times at Taurus; however, dogs may seem thirsty when they arrive home. This is either because they were too busy playing to drink, or because drinking water is for most dogs a “pack” activity resulting from the excitement of being home again. Owners need to understand that it is important to limit the gulping of water at home after play as stomach upset or bloat may result.
  • Dogs get dirty when they play. Long-haired dogs may become matted, and any dog may become dirty during their stay at Taurus. Baths and/or brushing are available at an additional charge.

Health Policies: Taurus staff members are carefully trained to prevent and identify health issues associated with boarding and daycare; however, we are not veterinarians and will not be liable for the treatment or diagnosis of any injury or health condition with which a dog enters a Taurus facility or contracts while staying with Taurus.   

  • All dogs must have current vaccinations or titer tests, including Rabies, Distemper/Parvovirus, Bordetella, and Canine Influenza Virus (H3N8 and H3N2).
  • If your dog requires medical attention, our first choice is to take your dog to your own vet. If this is not possible, we will make sure your dog gets the highest quality care possible in the shortest amount of time. All medical charges that we incur are due when you pick up your dog.
  • Titer test results are accepted with a note of approval by your veterinarian.
  • Dogs may get stomach upset or diarrhea when food is changed suddenly. Taurus feeds Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets EN Gastroenteric Canine Formula. If you have Taurus feed our food to your dog, we are happy to send some of our food home with instructions on how to prevent stomach issues after boarding.
  • Dogs must be on a monthly flea preventative. If fleas, ticks or other parasites are present on your dog, s/he will be treated at your expense.
  • Bordetella: The upper respiratory condition known as “canine cough” or “kennel cough” is caused by a bacteria and a virus. The virus mutates, just as does the flu virus in humans, and the vaccination is not 100% effective against canine cough. Canine cough is a risk associated with boarding, daycare, and anywhere dogs congregate.
  • All dogs must be spayed/ neutered over 10 months of age, unless waived by the Facility Director. 
  • Taurus rarely accepts new dogs over 10 years of age, as our environment tends to be a bit too stimulating for older dogs.
  • If a Taurus employee notices a serious change in the health or behavior status of your dog, we will do our best to notify you. If we feel medical attention is necessary, we will take steps to get medical attention as soon as possible. If Taurus believes something to be relatively minor (allergies, scratches, etc.), we will notify you upon pick-up. We look over every single dog every day; however, we cannot guarantee we will find everything in a rough-and-tumble environment.

Safety Policies: Our safety policies are designed to protect the dogs in our care from the moment they enter Taurus property. Your understanding and compliance with these policies is appreciated- even if you believe your dog doesn’t need the protection of these policies, dog behavior is unpredictable, and overall compliance is important for overall community security. 

  • Your dog must be on a leash at all times on Taurus property. Confinement in a crate is acceptable for small dogs, but being carried in your arms is not. We have kennel leads available if you forget your leash.
  • We only allow the safest bones and chews- nylabones and Kongs. Please do not bring anything else for your dog. We sterilize everything every day, so your chew will likely be ruined or lost.
  • Toys are not allowed in the runs or yards, as they can be choking hazards, and can lead to protective/possessive behavior that can escalate into an altercation. The dogs would much rather play with each other than objects anyway!
  • Allow us to provide bedding for your dog. We have thick fleece blankets for all dogs, and thicker beds for older, arthritic dogs. Bedding brought from home will be washed, bleached, and likely lost.
  • Dogs should have a collar with an identification tag. Please be advised, however, that collars can be misplaced when removed for baths, training or other activities. Collars can also be considered chew-toys by other dogs. While we monitor all dogs carefully at all times, collar mishaps can still happen in an instant.

Financial Policies: Policies are valid at all Taurus locations unless otherwise specified. 

  • During peak boarding times, Taurus may require a deposit for your dogs' boarding stay.  Deposits are non-refundable within 14 days of the start of the reservation and will only be applied to boarding charges associated with that stay.  There may be an additional nightly fee during peak seasons.
  • All fees for boarding and related services are due upon pickup. Payment plans are available for some training services. Unpaid balances are subject to a collections process and fees.
  • Boarding charges are by the night. Should you pick up after our 12:00pm CST you will incur a daycare charge for that day.
  • Contracted daycare is prepaid by automatic payment through your credit card.
  • A cancellation fee equal to three months of your daycare contract will apply if you terminate your contract prematurely



The following are the terms and conditions of a legal agreement between you and Bark&Zoom. By registering your ZoomClub card on this website (the "Website"), you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions (the "ZoomClub Terms and Conditions") as well as the Website's more general Terms and Conditions of Use (the "General Terms and Conditions"), and you agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations with respect to The ZoomClub Program. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THE ZOOMCLUB TERMS AND CONDITIONS AND THE GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS, THEN DO NOT REGISTER YOUR ZOOMCLUB CARD.  The ZoomClub Terms and Conditions govern solely your participation in The ZoomClub Program, and are in addition to the General Terms and Conditions.

Refunds. Bark&Zoom does not issue refunds for reservations made through this website.

Eligibility for Membership in The ZoomClub Program. Any person who is at least 18 years of age and a resident of the United States is eligible for membership in The ZoomClub Program. By registering your ZoomClub card, you certify that you meet these requirements. If you do not meet these requirements you may not participate in The ZoomClub Program.

Registration of ZoomClub Card. By registering your ZoomClub card on the Website, you automatically become a member of and participant in The ZoomClub Program (a "Member") and acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by these ZoomClub Terms and Conditions and this Website's General Terms and Conditions.

Accumulation of ZoomClub Program Points. As a Member, you will accumulate ZoomClub Program points each time you park in a Bark&Zoom or Park&Zoom facility using your ZoomClub card. In each such case, you will receive one (1) ZoomClub Program point for every dollar spent on parking, excluding all taxes, airport fees, car-care services and any other fees not directly attributable to parking. For purposes of awarding ZoomClub Program points, all parking dollars spent will be rounded to the nearest dollar. If any ZoomClub Program points to which you are entitled as provided herein are not recorded to your account, you must provide a receipt and a written request to the General Manager of Bark&Zoom.

ZoomClub Parking Vouchers. You may redeem ZoomClub Program points for ZoomClub Parking Vouchers at the Website at any time, provided that you continue to be a Member and your account has sufficient ZoomClub Program points for the requested ZoomClub Parking Voucher. The number of points which must be redeemed for any particular ZoomClub Parking Voucher is determined based upon the parking rates for the length of stay, location and service level that you are requesting for such ZoomClub Parking Voucher, as indicated on the Website when you redeem such ZoomClub Program points. For each free day of parking at a particular location and service level that you request for an ZoomClub Parking Voucher, you will be required to redeem that number of ZoomClub Program points equal to (i) the then current standard published daily parking rate for such location and service level, multiplied by (ii) 1, multiplied by (iii) 7. For example, if you have requested an ZoomClub Parking Voucher for a location and service level which has a standard published daily parking rate of $10.00 per day, then you will need to redeem 70 ZoomClub Program points for each free parking day to be reflected on the ZoomClub Parking Voucher. You will be deemed to have received an ZoomClub Parking Voucher when you acknowledge that the ZoomClub Parking Voucher has printed successfully, and an ZoomClub Parking Voucher may not be redeemed unless you have acknowledged that it printed successfully. ZoomClub Parking Vouchers may be redeemed for one or more full days in one stay only, and must be surrendered at exit. ZoomClub Parking Vouchers are fully redeemed when surrendered. ZoomClub Parking Vouchers are valid only for the length of stay, location and service level specified on the ZoomClub Parking Voucher. Bark&Zoom cannot guarantee availability of a parking space, at the requested service level or otherwise, unless you have obtained a reservation in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions.

Transferability of ZoomClub Parking Vouchers. ZoomClub Parking Vouchers are transferable only gratuitously, and are void if bartered or sold. Lost, stolen or expired ZoomClub Parking Vouchers cannot be replaced.

No Transferability of ZoomClub Card. ZoomClub Program cards are not transferable.

Expiration of The ZoomClub Points. ZoomClub Program points will expire, without notice, 24 months after the Member's latest account activity.

Expiration of ZoomClub Parking Vouchers; Use of Other Promotions. ZoomClub Program ZoomClub Parking Vouchers expire six months from the date you receive the ZoomClub Parking Voucher. ZoomClub Parking Vouchers are deemed received in accordance with Section 4 above. No additional coupons or discounts may be combined with the use of an ZoomClub Parking Voucher.

Modification or Cancellation of The ZoomClub Program. Bark&Zoom reserves the right to modify or cancel The ZoomClub Program at any time and from time to time, without notice. Such modification or cancellation will be effective when posted on the Website. Such modification may include, without limitation, changes in the terms and conditions for the award of ZoomClub Program points, changes in the terms and conditions for the redemption of ZoomClub Program points and the issuance of ZoomClub Parking Vouchers, and changes in the terms and conditions for the redemption of ZoomClub Parking Vouchers.

Expulsion from the ZoomClub Program. Members may be expelled from the ZoomClub Program for any violation of these ZoomClub Terms and Conditions. Such violations may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • attempting to redeem an ZoomClub Parking Voucher that has been reported as "failed to print";
  • attempting to print and redeem an ZoomClub Parking Voucher with the same number more than once;
  • bartering or selling an ZoomClub Parking Voucher; or
  • transferring a ZoomClub Program card.

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