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Taurus Academy logoAbout Taurus Academy

Bark&Zoom is operated by Taurus Academy, a home-grown Austin company with five locations in the greater Austin area. Taurus Academy opened its first location on South Lamar in 1998 and has been taking great care of Austin dogs and their families ever since.

Taurus Academy's philosophy to boarding and training dogs is summed up in the following way:

"At Taurus Academy, our focus is not only on keeping dogs safe and having fun, but also on improving their behavior and their relationship with their owners.

"We believe that dogs can be excellent teachers for one another so we use socialization to better the lives and skills of the dogs in our care. By playing together in structured and monitored groups, dogs learn how to interact appropriately with other dogs and how to communicate their needs in a productive way, all while having fun.

"We also believe that every interaction a dog has with people is a training opportunity, so we train all our staff in basic obedience training concepts, dog handling, and proper dog/human boundary setting. Every person on our teams is a dog trainer, and this helps us work with dogs and their owners to make their lives together the best they can be.

"Taurus Academy's 20 years of experience have led us to implement precise policies and procedures that ensure that the dogs and cats we care for stay safe and happy while in our care. There are many redundant systems so that everything can be checked and double-checked to make sure all our furry guests stay healthy and have a good time."

Taurus Academy and Bark&Zoom are committed to giving back within our community and volunteering and partnering with many local and national non-profits to help create a better world for everyone.