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Dog Boarding at Bark&Zoom

A night at Bark&Zoom is everything you would hope for from a state-of-the-art luxury dog boarding facility! Located in South Austin, we are on the Airport, offering convenient ABIA parking and affordable dog boarding in one place.

What makes Bark&Zoom a Unique Dog Hotel?

Kennel Options

At Bark&Zoom, you have a choice in size and style of room, from standard kennels to Executive, Luxury, and Elite Suites. Each comes with assorted amenities, so that you can choose what makes you and your pet feel the most comfortable and “at home.”

All of our suites have colorful murals, upgraded beds, and dog-friendly music. The Luxury and Elite Suites have even more amenities. The Luxury Suite features a kuranda bed and a 24/7 webcam so that you can check on your dog anytime from an app on your phone. The Elite Suite features a human-grade bed, streaming television service to keep your dog company, and a dedicated 24/7 webcam so that you can check on your dog anytime from an app on your phone.

All suites can comfortably house multiple dogs, if you like.

24/7 Onsite Care

As a 24/7 facility, we have experienced staff on premises all day AND all night. The overnight staff conducts multiple nightly walkthroughs to ensure everyone is sleeping healthily and soundly, and give extra potty breaks to those that can’t quite make it through the night. This constant staffing also means that you can drop off and pick up your pet at your convenience, no matter what time your plane leaves or gets into ABIA.

Exercise and Socialization

After the pups finish sleeping soundly through the night in our climate-controlled facility, our morning Kennel Technicians arrive at 6:00am to get everyone out for first morning potty breaks and to feed breakfasts. All dogs will be put out into one of our four play yards in playgroups throughout the day, with rest time between play sessions. Dinner is served between 5:00-6:00pm, with a final potty break sometime after 8:00pm, at which time we tuck the pups in with a bone and blanket for a peaceful night’s rest.

Optional Enrichment Activities

Whether your pet is here for an extended stay or just a day, we offer extra optional Enrichment Activities to give your dog the one-on-one time they’re used to at home. We have a variety of activities and services and are bound to have one that’s the perfect fit for your pup. Our selection includes Brain Games, Nosework, Pool Time, Ball Time, Tug Time, Neighborhood Walks, and our personal favorite, Cuddle time.

Doggy Daycare

Even if you are not going on a trip, Bark&Zoom offers Doggy Daycare stays as well. Your dog will play with other dogs in supervised play groups several times a day. Daycare dogs also take breaks from play, in order to calm down and keep the play safe, so in between play times they rest in climate-controlled kennels. Because we are a 24/7 facility, you can schedule your pick up and drop off times at your convenience.

Long stay or short, before boarding with us, we need all dogs to go through an evaluation day to ensure we are the perfect fit. You can jump start that process here by filling our application, submitting vaccination records, and then waiting for us to give you call to get you in!

Covered Parking for ABIA

Our on-site Valet Covered Parking is only $12.95/day when you board your pet at Bark&Zoom! Covered parking for your car; affordable but luxurious lodgings your pet, then zoom, one of our electric shuttles will speed you on to the Austin airport. Get ZoomClub parking points and Boarding Rewards punches with each stay!

Whether you are coming from North Austin, Downtown, or further afield, Bark&Zoom offers luxury dog boarding and doggy daycare at affordable rates and with unparalleled convenience. Give us a try!