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Pet Safety Protocols at Bark&Zoom

At Bark&Zoom, the safety of our pet guests is the highest priority. We have well-established protocols in place which are included and reinforced frequently in the training of all staff members.

At Bark&Zoom, we have:

  • 24-hour onsite personnel—We are a 24/7 facility, which means there is always someone on-site. Our pet guests are never left alone.
  • Sprinkler system—Bark&Zoom is equipped with a sprinkler system that encompasses all indoor areas, including the kennels and suites.
  • Fire alarms—All areas of Bark&Zoom have fire alarms, including kennels and suites.
  • Evacuation plans—At Bark&Zoom, we have well-established evacuation plans, in case of fire, smoke, and flood. All our Pack Members are trained in these plans as part of their orientation.
  • Annual equipment tests—We test the sprinkler systems and the fire alarms annually.
  • Canine & Feline CPR and First Aid-- For the added safety of the pets in our care, Bark&Zoom has multiple Pack members certified in Canine & Feline CPR and First Aid. Bark&Zoom is a Certified Pet CPR+ location.

 Bark&Zoom is compliant with all city, county, and state licenses, permits and registrations.