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Play With a Purpose™

At Bark & Zoom, we facilitate play in a way that improves dog behavior with dogs and people!

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Why Choose Play Days at Bark&Zoom?

Most people choose daycare for their dog for exercise, attention and stimulation -- but at Bark&Zoom, we provide even more.  Our pack is comprised of dedicated dog trainers who will attend to every moment of your dog’s day in a way that ensures safety and fun, all while promoting polite behavior with dogs and people. With our state-of-the art facility, four play yards, and a doggie pool, dogs love it here! Plus, our clients love the convenience of being able to drop off or pick up their furry friend at any time. -- we're Open 24/7, 365 days a year!

At Bark&Zoom, dogs learn:

  • How to appropriately greet and play with other dogs in a safe, supervised environment
  • To enjoy a kennel atmosphere through a gentle introduction to the environment on their evaluation day
  • Confidence with new dogs and people
  • Independence, which is essential in cases of separation anxiety
  • Skills for successful, polite, and friendly dog and people greetings



To ensure your pup’s safety and enjoyment, all dogs at Bark&Zoom must undergo an evaluation day to assess their personality. After you drop your dog off, they are introduced to dogs that match their age, size, and play style.  Our highly trained pack members will make notes on your dog's behavior and, upon pick up, discuss their day in detail with you. Evaluation days usually end with a tour of our facility, but we're happy to provide you with a tour and answer any questions you may have at any time.


Picking the Perfect Play Group

We do our best to set up every dog to be as socially successful as possible by matching size, complimentary play styles, and facilitating healthy boundaries in the play yards. With that said, dog play does not come without risk. Dogs will be dogs and can end up with injuries during play. In these situations, BarkZoom is committed to complete transparency and will inform you of all the details, whether it's a small nick from exuberant play, a warning scratch, or a puncture. With a trainer in the yard at all times, we're always present, stopping the majority of scuffles before they even get started.


Daily Activities

What to Expect: Your dog will play with other dogs in supervised play groups several times a day.  It is important that dogs take breaks from play, in order to calm down and keep the play safe, so in between play times they rest in climate-controlled kennels.  The length of playtimes depends largely on weather conditions, as well as your dog's stamina and temperament.  

When arriving home, your dog may still be revved up from play, but may soon “crash.”  Note that while the dogs always have access to water at Bark&Zoom, in their kennels and in the play yards, many dogs will overindulge at the water bowl when they return to their “den,” so please supervise in order to prevent an upset tummy.  As your dog attends daycare more often, he or she will develop “play muscles,” similar to our own increase in stamina when we undergo physical conditioning. With this in mind, we modify play times accordingly, always keeping in mind that every dog is an individual.


Daycare Pricing Options Available

At Bark&Zoom, we offer Daycare pricing options based on your needs.

Daily Rate: Use our daily rate for occasional visits.

Daycare Packages: If you know that you will use Bark&Zoom Daycare frequently throughout the year, but not on a set schedule, this option might be right for you! With Daycare Packages, you can buy a set number of visits at a discounted rate for one payment. The packages are good for one year from purchase date.

Membership Program: This subscription service allows you the option of scheduling regular, frequent visits at a reduced rate, paid for with a monthly subscription fee.

If you are unsure of which plan might best suit you, talk to one of our representatives on your next visit.

To view option costs, visit our pricing page.


Additional Services

With over 12,000 square feet to call home, Bark&Zoom offers something fun for every dog. Our guitar-shaped dog pool is a favorite spot for the water dogs to splash in, while land lubbers often prefer a nice walk. 

Worried what a day of fun might smell like on your dog? We offer full service baths, blow outs, nail trims, and gland expressions too! 

Getting Started


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