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Professional Dog Training in Austin at Bark&Zoom!

At Bark&Zoom, we use the most innovative dog training methods to transform your canine family member into a well-trained and friendly pup that you can be proud to take anywhere. We believe that every dog, owner, and household is unique. Our Dog Obedience Training, developed by Taurus Academy, goes well beyond basic obedience, and embraces what dogs and owners specifically need to live together more happily.

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Why Train Your Dog? 

A Dog isn't really Happy until they've become fully Socialized within your home and with their other Dog Friends. We have a large toolbox of Dog Training Techniques and teaching tools to draw from, all gentle, positive, and effective methods.

At Bark&Zoom, every pack staff member is a Dog Trainer, so your dog will be training every moment with us. Please note that our Board & Train program requires an Evaluation Day. That’s so we can make sure your dog knows Bark&Zoom is a happy, fun place, and that you will come back for them. So that a day or more of Daycare ensures that your dog is ready to start learning right away!

At Bark&Zoom, we reinforce your status as the Leader of Your Pack with our array of canine training tools and methods. All of our staff are highly skilled and ready to work with your dog to achieve the obedience and behavioral goals that you want.

We design our doggy training lessons to be fun and exciting for dogs of all sizes and mindsets. Your pup will start learning from the first moment they join us at Bark&Zoom.

Private Training

We understand that some owners are reluctant to bring their dogs to us at Bark&Zoom. You may feel more comfortable having your dog trained at home or prefer to be more involved your dog’s training.

Our private canine training option is designed to accommodate both dogs and owners who feel more relaxed and ready to learn at home. This program offers flexible location options to accommodate your schedule and lifestyle.

The private training program is also ideal for addressing issues behavioral issues like:

  • separation anxiety
  • leash aversion
  • fear of people and other animals
  • housebreaking of adult pets

Depending on the behavioral and obedience goals you have for your dog, you may benefit from more than one private training session. Feel free to discuss this with us.

Puppy Training

Bringing home a new puppy for the family is an exciting time in any household. Puppies are adorably cute bundles of energy. However, that energy bundle can quickly lead to behavioral troubles if you don’t get things started on the right paw! From a behavior standpoint, a Bark&Zoom Puppy Consultation is the most valuable thing you can do for your new puppy and your household.

Our puppy consultation program is designed to provide the earliest training possible for your new canine family member. Our staff can work with your pup and teach him or her to avoid behaviors such as:

  • jumping
  • nipping
  • chewing
  • excessive barking or howling

We also can housebreak your puppy and teach him or her basic commands such as sit, down, and come. The puppy training program is ideal for puppies of any size and breed.

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Board and Train Program

Our Board and Train option is designed to provide intensive yet fun training that will teach your dog to obey commands, recognize you as the Leader of Your Pack, and curb the most worrisome behaviors that may have prevented you from taking your dog out in public. This program goes beyond our basic training program and many of our client call this a “Doggy Bootcamp.”

During the time that your dog is in our Board and Train program, he or she will stay with us and undergo a series of regimented yet gentle and humane training sessions. The Bark&Zoom trainer assigned to your dog will take him or her on field trips to trails, parks and other public places to teach and reinforce expected positive behaviors.

Your dog also will undertake a series of daily lessons to learn commands that will allow for meaningful and safe interactions with other people and animals. The Board and Train program is perfect for adult dogs of all sizes and breeds. It can tame behavioral issues you may have experienced with your pet, as well as teach behaviors that will make your dog more alert, friendly and obedient both at home and in public.

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Play With A Purpose

  • Are you looking to transform your canine family member into a well-trained and friendly pup that you can be proud to take anywhere? Contact Bark and Zoom today for our dog training services.

    Every dog, owner, and household is unique. Our adaptive training approach, developed by Taurus Academy, assesses your dog's personality and your goals so we can customize training to fit your needs.

    Bark and Zoom's kind and effective training approach focuses on the joy of learning and coaching, refining your dog's behavior with every small success while giving them healthy outlets to burn energy and develop social skills.

    From classes; to private lessons; to boarding and training, we offer a broad array of services to choose from.

    The board and train program incorporates social play and intensive training with convenience. Your dog will learn to obey commands, practice good manners, and replace unhealthy habits, and then we will work with you on how to keep up the training with your dog once they come home. Book an appointment with a trainer today to create a plan for your dog that works!

    We're located on the airport with covered parking and complimentary shuttles to the terminal so taking a vacation while your dog learns has never been easier!

    From potty training to early socialization, Bark and Zoom has wonderful opportunities for puppies to get started on the right paw.

    Our Puppy Classes are top notch, with an introduction to vet care, grooming, water, and social play. Looking for something more customized? Private training and board and train options can also be customized to your new pup's needs.

    At Bark and Zoom, every staff member is a dog trainer so your dog will be training every moment with us, creating consistency and healthy habits, even if just attending play days or boarding.

    Call or email us to learn more about our programs and what works best for you. We'd love to meet you and your dog!